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> News del mese di LUGLIO ’2010

Siglata la partnership con l'Accademia Piceno Aprutina dei Velati in Teramo.

E' stata stipulata una partnership tra il Rettore del Centro Studi Delfico ed il Presidente della Accademia Piceno Aprutina dei Velati in Teramo prof. Franco Eugeni.

Stemma Accademia Piceno Aprutina dei Velati

I due enti di cultura cercheranno di implementare e diversificare l'offerta di cultura non solo alla regione Abruzzo ma anche a quelle limitrofe.

La segreteria del rettorato
Stampa Pubblicazione: 21/07/2010
Ultimo aggiornamento: 18/07/2013

Il Pagliaccio Cup

About Il Pagliaccio Cup

On Sunday the 4th July 2010, Il Pagliaccio will again be organisation a junior 5 a side football tournament for all local children, as part the Celebrating Fulham week the tournament is held at South Park SW6 and is open to the children of ages 5-16 years old. This is the 8th consecutive year we have organised this event and it has always been a great success in bringing together different aspects of our varied community, and helping groups who would not normally mix to enjoy a great day out together.

The event makes a positive, lasting difference to our local community; really highlighting the spirits of both children and adults alike. Last year we had over 800 children playing football with all their respective parents and supporters coming to join in the fun.

Il Pagliaccio Cup is being organised as part of LBHF Celebrating Fulham week with support from Il Pagliaccio Restaurant, Fulham Football Club and the local Safer Neighbourhood Police Teams who are helping organise and run the day.

The tournament, as mentioned before, is opportunity for all children, regardless of financial, social or cultural background to really just enjoy themselves. In order for us to carry on this event in the future we need all the help and support we can get, be it donations from local businesses or positive publicity, every little helps.

We are very grateful for all the help we are already receiving. The London bough of Hammersmith and Fulham provide all the pitches for the event many local people give up large amount of their time to help organise and publicise the event.

We are looking for kind donations from local businesses to either sponsor trophies, medals, or the Remembrance Cup, equipment (footballs, whistles, and bibs) and donations for football programs. Each trophy is a world cup replica trophy with a plaque; this costs £50 for the two.

Each plaque that is sponsored by a business will have their company name engraved as the kind sponsor of that trophy; in addition your company will also be mentioned in the football program and also in the local newspapers. Our community activities include hosting large fund raising events including St Peter's Italian Church from which we managed to raise £3,000 every year, the Bobby Moore Fund where we managed to raise £19,000, The Royal Marsden Hospital where we raised £25,000 and Dare to Dream where we raised £33,000.

Any donation in excess of £100 or more will receive in addition to the above, a £25 voucher to spend at Il Pagliaccio Restaurant.

If you would like to be involved or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us any time on 0207 371 8125 or email

Terms and Conditions

Duration of matches

Matches will consist of 2 periods of 6 minutes. All games will start and finish on a central horn. After the Group Stage, a knockout stage will commence. Teams will gain 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. Should teams be level on points, then position decided by goal difference, goals scored and finally result between the two. In the knockout stages, if the scores are level a play off of 3 mins each way. If still level then kicks from the penalty mark, taken in accordance with FIFA regulations, shall decide.


7 players make up the squad. Substitutions can be made on a roll on roll off basis as per FA regulation. However players may only enter play under the direction of the referee and when there is a stop in play.


First named team in draw shall change their colours if there is a clash. Bibs will be available.


Moulded studs or trainers are suitable. All players must wear shin guards.


The law relating to offside does not apply in this competition. All other laws apply apart from free kicks, penalties and kick offs where opponents must be 2 metres from the ball and cannot score direct from kick off.


Any player sent from the field of play under FA Rule E2 will take no further part in that particular game, and will miss the next game serving a one match suspension. Exceptional circumstances could result in a lengthier ban or expulsion from the tournament.


Players are allowed in the goal area Goalkeeper can only roll the ball out Goalkeeper can leave the goal area however then becomes an outfield player. Back passes are allowed unless deemed to be time wasting. This will be down to the referees discretion. Roll on rules apply to throw-ins, with normal rules applying to corners. The referee's decision is FINAL Please note you may be on live TV or live internet streaming on the day.

Code of Conduct

As the team representative, you are responsible for all members of your team both parents and pupils. In the event of a fire, please use all available exits and make your way to the fire assembly point next to where Registration took place this morning. Please RESPECT everyone: players, referees, FFC staff, police staff, organisers, parents and managers. All staff have given up their free time and are volunteering their services, please respect and support staff throughout the day.

Mandatory Items

Shin pads are mandatory Every player of age 15 or over needs to provide an ID

The last day to register for Il Pagliaccio Cup is Thursday 1st of July. Registration is closed.


This event could not be held without the support of:

Tim Prager

Jean-Andre Prager

Rosati di Monteprandone & Partner- Law Firm Perugia (Italy) London (UK) Business Trust Services International Company Consulting

Il Pagliaccio Restaurant 182-184 Wandsworth Bridge Rd, Fulham, London SW6 2UF, tel: 020 7371 5253 fax: 020 7731 0398

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La segreteria del rettorato
Stampa Pubblicazione: 8/07/2010
Ultimo aggiornamento: 8/07/2010

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